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Tena koutou Whanau

Andrew Paul

Trustee, Raukawa Trust Board

In anticipation of the upcoming process to elect various marae and hapu representatives to the new Board of the Raukawa Settlement Trust we have held two Rohe Hui to ensure Marae and Hapu within Te Kaokaoroa-o-Patetere are fully informed.

Two Hui held were as follows:

  • 1stHui, Whakaaratamaiti Marae, Putaruru on 28thJuly 2009 from 6 to 8pmto briefMarae, Hapu, and Whanau on the election process for the Marae and Hapu Trustee positions.
  • 2ndHui, Memorial Hall, Matamata on 13thAugust 2009 from 6 to 8pmto reach consensuswith Marae, Hapu, and Whanau on the nominations for the Marae and Hapu Trustee positions.

As your currently elected Trustees it is our hope that while we can not stop an individual from the marae or hapu putting themselves up as a nominee.  The opportunity is for marae or hapu to control this process by working with and involving whanau in putting up only the required number of nominations.

Please Consider

What we need to discuss is who we will be putting up as nominations to this new Board.

Our Options

We have two positions to consider as members of Pikitu Marae and the Hapu of Ngati Huri.

1.     The first is who we will support as our Pikitu Marae representative to the new Board, and

2.     The second is who we will support as one of five Hapu Representatives to the new Board.

The Issues

1.     The Marae representative will be relatively straight forward as the successful person must come from Pikitu Marae and can only be voted on by those registered to Pikitu Marae.

2.     The Hapu representative is more complicated as there are five positions available of which we need to discuss how we see those five positions being filled.  Currently there are two main approaches being discussed by all Marae and Hapu within Te Kaokaoroa o Patetere, a clustering approach, and a general approach.  The clustering approach would mean Ngati Huri would be allocated one of the five Hapu positions to fill.  The general approach would mean that along with the other nine Marae within Te Kaokaoroa, we would work to put up the best five people we have to fill these positions.  We need to decide upon what approach we will take for the Hapu representative.

The Outcome We Need

The outcome of these discussions would be to identify who our Pikitu Marae and Hapu representative will be that we will support in the upcoming elections.

On the night of the Website Launch I will be covering this in more detail and provide supporting materials to help our discussions.  This will include a:

1.     Presentation of the Elections and Process

2.     Handout of the Tribal Elections and Process

3.     Current Trustee Job Description

In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns please contact me on 027-2211730 or

All whanau are welcome and encouraged to attend.


Kia ora ra,

Andrew Paul


NOTE: Refer to our Tribal Website, and go to the Documents section to download the various documents we have prepared to inform our whanau of this important occasion.



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