Ngati Huri Enviromental Management Plan

Ngati Huri Enviromental Management Plan


Prepared by Naomi Simmonds

April 2010


“We recognise as Ngati Huri that we have our own enviromental planning and resource management traditions. These traditions, philosophies and practices pertaining to our taiao have not been free from the devastating impacts of colonisation. As such, much of the knowledge about our enviromental management paradigm has been suppressed and some of this knowledge has been lost with the passing of our tupuna. We have, however, cared for and managed our enviroment as best as possible and will continue to do so long after any Government or Council.

In order to recover past and maintain existing enviromental knowledge and practices, as well as develop the future enviromental aspirations of Ngati Huri the whanau have indicated that they would like to develop a hapu enviromental management plan (EMP). This proposal is to outline one possible way forward in the development of a uniquely Ngati Huri enviromental management strategy and plan in order to protect the mauri of Papatuanuku within our rohe.

The information provided in this proposal is based on the initial brainstorming hui held with whanau on the 16th of May 2009 and research done by the author. It is important to note that this is one way forward and it is up to the whanau to make decisions about how they feel the EMP should proceed.”


This blog is to encourage the uri of Ngati Huri to express their feelings and opinions concerning the enviroment of our rohe, and to influence the direction of our enviromental management planning. 






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