Pikitu Marae

Ko TAINUI te waka, WAIKATO te awa, WHAREPUHUNGA te maunga, RAUKAWA te iwi

Ko PIKITU te marae, NGATI HURI te hapu:

Pikitu Marae is the bastion of Ngati Huri hapu at Te Waotu situated some 4 kilometres from the banks of the Waikato River & 24 kilometres from both Putaruru due northwest and Tokoroa due southwest.  Proudly upheld by Ngati Huri hapu it provides a significant sanctuary for the descendants and maintains a balance of peace and tranquility between the people and the land.  Rich in history the drive to draw the whanau back to their roots and provide opportunities to live on their turangawaewae in an economically sustainable way is slowly coming to fruition.

Facilities comprise a large, fully equiped modern kitchen - dining room complex - aptly named Akamorunga after the wife of the ancestor Huri - that can cater for up to 250 people comfortably; a wharemoe - Ahiroa - which enables large numbers to sleep over; a preparation shed for large supplies of meat, fish & vegies with a walk-in chiller attached.  A well maintained concrete ablution block built in 1986 with a marshal wood burning firebox water heater adds the final touches to the marae twenty-first century look.

 The meetinghouse Huri is understood to have been built in the 1870's and a kauta or cookhouse with dirt floor and smokestack fireplace is only used now by the men when they put a hangi down next to it.  The hangi pit itself was lined with bricks in 2008 to provide extra heat for the cooking of the food.  Adjoining the kauta are two small pataka used to store equipment for the hangi, eeling and/or garden implements.

The marae is extensively used by the general community with the South Waikato District Council making history by holding the first monthly council meeting here, outside of council chambers, in June 2009.  Other users have been educational bodies, environmental groups, health organisations, government departments, overseas visitors and others.


Maori Profiles:

Bill Simmonds - Trustee


Atareta Simmonds - Trustee


Mana Begbie - Trustee

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